KISSmetrics connects all your data to real people.

You spend countless hours, trudging through analytics reports.

But you still don’t know who your customers are. Before business moved online, you could always talk to your customers face-to-face and get a deep understanding for how to delight them.

Now your customers vanish in an endless wave of metrics and KPIs. But do you know what your customers want? Does any of that data help you understand them so you can build a business that truly makes them happy?

What if… you knew every person and everything they did

Instead of your customers being split into visits and events, track real people.

You could open up a report and get a list of real people that met any criteria you wanted.

Find a specific person and see everything they have ever done. The first traffic source they used to find you, the features they used right after signing up, and every purchase they’ve ever made.

Every last piece of data gets connected to the person that actually does it. Just like you’d see everything customers did in a store, you’d see everything people do on your site or app.

Finally, you’d know exactly what your customers were looking for so you could give it to them. You’d know what was getting in their way so you could make it even easier for them to become a customer. You’d know how groups of customers differed from one another so you could personalize your business for them.

KISSmetrics connects all your data to real people

You can have all of this.

KISSmetrics takes all the data you’re collecting and ties it to real people. Every last piece gets connected to a real person. All of it.

It doesn’t matter if people bounce around between different browsers and devices. Or even if it takes them 6 months to come back. You’ll see what real people do.

You get all the reports that you’ve come to expect from analytics. Funnels, cohorts, revenue, metrics, it’s all there. You’ll also get the one thing you won’t be able to live without: people.

Know exactly who’s in each step of your funnels and cohorts

Let’s say you build a funnel report for your signup process or checkout flow. Pretty standard with analytics tools.

KISSmetrics goes a step further and shows you the real people in your funnel. Instantly pull a list of every person in a given step or the people that didn’t make it.

Want a list of people that signed up but didn’t start using your app? Done.

Know exactly who’s in each step of your funnels and cohorts

Or how about everyone that entered your checkout but didn’t purchase? Not a problem.

Whenever you need to know what’s preventing people from getting to the next step of your marketing funnel, just run a KISSmetrics funnel, grab a list of people that didn’t get to the next step, and reach out to them. It’s that easy.

Funnels aren’t the only way to see people. You can also view groups of people in KISSmetrics cohorts.

Cohorts have become pretty popular these days. Group people into different batches based on an action, like the month they signed up. Cohorts show you how long it takes people in that batch to trigger another event like canceling. With KISSmetrics, get a list of people in each cohort.

Funnels aren’t the only way to see people

When you need to understand how customer behavior changes over time, KISSmetrics tells you which customers have changed.

Find any group of people

At any time, run a People Search for a group of people that meet any set of conditions you want.

Let’s say you want to find a group of power users. These people LOVE your product so if you understand how they use it, you’ll know what direction to push other users. Pull a list of people that have logged in at least 30 times in the last 30 days.

Now you know exactly who to talk to. Your most passionate users guide your company, it’s about time you knew who they are.

Now you know exactly who to talk to

Go crazy and add as many conditions as you want to your People Search. Build conditions like:

  • Which traffic source or campaign people came from.
  • How many times they used a specific feature.
  • Which subscription plan they’re on or the last product category they purchased from.
  • People that haven’t done a particular event like canceling.

Whoever you need to find, KISSmetrics brings them to you.

Get to know individual people

What about looking at an individual person to see what they’ve done? In KISSmetrics reports, click on a person and you’ll be taken to their Person Details report. It includes every piece of data that KISSmetrics has on that person.

You’ll learn where they originally came from, what they bought, what they did after signing up, and every other piece of data they picked up along the way. It’s a complete history of how the person touched your business.

Every business has critical moments where a prospective customer decides whether or not to purchase.

For ecommerce, this happens when people view your product pages.

For apps, it’s right after the first signup.

Imagine what you could do if you knew exactly how the person acted during this critical decision.

The Person Details gives you these insights. Look through the activity of someone that just signed up or was about to purchase. You’ll see trends for what blocks people and what moves them to the next step.

It’s not good enough to understand what’s happening. We need to know who’s doing it so we can truly delight our customers.

It’s not good enough to understand what’s happening

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